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When COVID-19 negatively impacted an industry leading company, it created an opportunity for an audiophile to combine his passion, drive, and woodcraft...

Christopher was an engineer at an industry-leading company until he became a victim of COVID-19 layoffs. He saw this moment as an opportunity to pursue his audiophile passion! Having an electronics engineering degree combined with 10 years of experience as an installer, designer, and developer in commercial audio, then having some serious craftsmanship, he has expanded wholeheartedly into the consumer portable audio market. 

He got his grit from growing up on a rural Minnesota cattle farm. In his early teens, he first experienced audio in his car audio systems and hustling them to friends, then installing residential audio systems in his mid to late teens before attending SDSU. After running live sound for local bands during his college years, he spent his entire professional career designing and installing large commercial sound systems.


Being an audiophile is just one small part of what drives Christopher to dive into audio. He LOVES it. From studying output graphs, following the latest driver products, modeling enclosures, and running tests and measurements with software in his garage. He's constantly refining enclosures to get maximum output from any driver, which has piqued his interest. If you thought science was the only intellectual and systematic study out there, then you've never really met an audio engineer, and if you have ... these speakers are for you. 


We don't accept our products in first gen development. We test and test again, throw it into the wild, play with packing bubbles, drop test, play music very loud for hours, stare at the proverbially drawing board, buy a million bits, play white noise, go to backyard parties, program blocks, push it back into the wild, tweak, paint, laser, solder, test and test and test until we came to the products in our store.

We believe, through this process, we have created the best portable speakers with studio quality sound.

Watch the Speaker Design Journey videos below!


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