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Speaker Hardware

Image by Giorgio Trovato

Coaxial Tech

Both the MS5CX and InFaze 4 utilize compact, high-performance transducers. Instead of a typical tweeter, they feature a large 1.4" compression driver mounted behind and sharing a neodymium magnet with a 4" or 5" woofer cone, functioning as a waveguide. This design, known as coaxial transducer, ensures true point source sound, maintaining consistent tonal quality throughout the listening area. With a hornloaded high-frequency section and high-sensitivity woofer, these speakers achieve extended runtimes without bulky batteries. The low crossover point near 1kHz, facilitated by the large compression driver, results in an accurate magnitude and phase response, delivering a genuine, articulate, and impactful sound experience, both indoors and outdoors.

Engineered for portability, durability, and exceptional sound. Each cabinet features cabinet-grade Baltic birch plywood for its superior density, durability, and stability in various conditions. CNC cut and assembled using joinery ensures a sturdy cabinet that can withstand life on the move.

Convenient handles allow for easy one-handed carrying of one or two speakers, also serving as storage for phones or cables. The speaker's shape facilitates hassle-free packing, while recessed control panels protect buttons during transportation.

Laser-engraved label markings ensure longevity and uniqueness for each cabinet.

Featuring all splashproof buttons and connectors make controlling your content easy with dedicated Pause, Next, and Previous buttons. Hold Next to increase volume and Previous to decrease it; press Pause again for Play. These buttons also serve as Bluetooth controls (refer to the product manual for full details). Monitor battery level using the battery button: if you see one or two bars, it's time to charge. The + LED indicator next to the charge port goes out when the battery is fully charged. Adjust sound with bass and treble boost EQ buttons. Connect other devices via the AUX in jack. Power on and check speaker status with the power button, which also disconnects electronics from the battery for safety and extended standby battery life.

The control knobs offer versatile adjustability for quick adaptation to your sound preferences, whether you're enjoying videos, podcasts, or music. From powerful party bass to crisp highs or subtle nighttime ambiance, easily tailor your audio experience. The power button indicates amplifier status, switching to standby mode after five minutes of inactivity. A blue indicator confirms device connection or discoverability, while the cancel button disconnects current Bluetooth connections. Use the Mode button and AUX connectors for stable stereo sound with almost zero latency from a pair of MS5CX speakers. Dual USB ports enable device charging and power for external gear. Monitor battery level and charge status with the battery button and charge indicator.

Low latency Bluetooth, AUX In & Out means you can add Bass to any system with an AUX IN jack from your vehicle to your existing Bluetooth speaker or home theater. A full featured subwoofer made truly portable includes Volume, Low Pass, and BOOM EQ knobs, Phase Button, and Auto Standby.  With added mobile features like Advanced Class-D amplification with DSP, smart 86Wh powerbank battery system, battery meter and dual USB 1.0 ports to charge your devices or power external audio gear.

Speaker Charging

Use one of the supplied speaker charging options supplied with each speaker; Wall, Car or USB.

The Wall charger is quick, delivering up to 90 minutes of moderate level playback from 15 minutes of charge, or a full charge in about four hours.  The speakers each have charge indicator that will go out when the speaker is fully charged.  Leaving the speaker connected to power all the time won't damage the battery



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